Do you know the secret of HW cloud account checker

published on 15 Sep 2017.


Recently, I’m trying to find the best one of all the exsisting public cluods etc. aws, google, hw cloud…, to run my website on, so I spent much time on learnning the solution how to build the web application on each of the pretigious public cloud. of course, hw cloud is in my list.

make me in trouble

I got en error message that system told me either account frozen or not having sufficient funds when creating the obs bucket. it made me confused for a while, I found my account is normal after twice checking. so, that means it caused by not having enough money. but the question is what’s the meaning of ‘enough money’.

the secret of account checker

I had to ask help to the online support, then I got the secret that there is an account checker which will check whether your account has 100 RMB or more. if not, all the resource request will be refused. that’s the cause of the error. it seems you cannot find the rule on the website.

So, kindly remind, if you are going to use hw cloud infrastruture, more than 100 rmb in your account is must it seems it’s a secret of hw cloud.